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Our People.

Meet the team: Edwin 's vast farming knowledge and skills are well complimented by Mako who has the energy, drive and enthusiasm of youth, while Fungai dons her farmer's hat on weekends and school holidays. Takunda is in his element selling potatoes, and Atipa keeps us all organized with her web activities. Suffice to say, everyone pulls their weight around here – and then some!

Our values

This close-knit Imbizi team value their Faith, Family, Integrity and Community. 

 Our mission is simple: to provide high-quality fresh produce and professional photography services that exceed our community's expectations.

Imbizi Meaning

The Mabonga family proudly honours their African heritage. The family carries the totem of Imbizi, which translates to Zebra in English. Within African culture, totems symbolize identity and heritage, embodying values and characteristics. The zebra holds profound significance, reflecting balance through its harmonious black-and-white stripes. This mirrors our commitment to balance between business and community. Each zebra's unique stripe pattern celebrates individuality, echoing the diverse contributions within our family and community. The unity of opposites embodied by the zebra guides us in integrating diverse elements of our business, from farming to photography. 

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